It is a pleasure to welcome new readers of this space. Thanks for joining this blog and I hope it could be helpful to achieve your goals.

Many outsiders are evaluating living in Costa Rica at a time which is very important in their lives, as this Central American country offers attractions that really motivate them. It may be their nature, may be its people, or other reasons, the fact is that creating a new home here is part of the settlement process.

As a professional in the field of design engineering, architecture and construction, I have seen many friends, domestic and foreign, go through difficulties to achieve the goal of a new home or some premises for a new business here.

Some have run into problems including, for example, buying expensive properties, getting inadequate designs, suffering with poor quality of construction, spending much more than their original budget, and all this makes their project complicated or a bad experience that spoils their illusions.

Even this does not happen in all cases, I think technically and personally we can share information and advice to help you make better decisions about your future in the country.

Let´s provide and share our consultations and our proposals to advise who would need support.

If we help each other, we will get along much better in the country and will live with greater harmony.

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